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Are you a manufacturer or wholesaler?

  • Do you have retail clients?
  • Are you selling your products on their websites?
  • How do you display your products on your clients' websites?
  • If you use a csv file, you might be doing it inefficiently.
  • Hire me to write an API for you to serve to your clients.
    1. You win by selling more merchandise in more markets through more retailers.
    2. Your clients benefit from the streamlined nature of an API - no loading your inventory into their database.
    3. It's all dynamic from your database - no repetition (does not mean no redundancy)
      • Redundancy is the use of multiple distributed servers to serve visitors nearby, and also for failover. If one server goes down, your website does not.

Web development begins with our consultation and your specifications. Call 602-334-7771 today or contact me for a free assessment of your web development needs. I am in constant contact with you and your crew - and when the job is finished I am available to you for updates, modifications and enhancements.

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Why Choose Me

Customer oriented, security-focused web development of your online presence.

Let me help you to grow your Internet Presence

Web Templates

These are just a sampling of the templates I have available. They are a part of what goes into the development of your website - what you see. I do most of my work customizing these templates to meet the functionality needs you require. Aside from what a visitors sees, there is a lot of work that goes into making a website 'work'.

website template
I like the Template Above
website template
I like the Template Above
website template
I like the Template Above
website template
I like the Template Above

my Web Development services

Security Focus

Your site uses SSL/TLS for secure transactions across the board.

User Authentication/Login

User login is secure and encrypted using the best practices. The database uses encryption to thwart any breach attempts.

API Development

Your REST API is developed for secure, automated delivery of your products to the vendors' sites you authorize as resellers.


Web development often requires horizontal/vertical scaling/redundancy, which is available at a reasonable cost. When you need to expand, I am willing and able to meet that demand.

Client-Centric Paradigm

I solve real-life web development problems. You, as my client, come first. If you have a problem - it's MY problem, and I will do whatever it takes to SOLVE that problem.

Web Development

I employ my web development skills to make your site dynamic in every way possible using tried and true methods. When you require new functionality, I am able to make it come to fruition.

SEO Marketing

Out of the box your site is tested for accessibility, performance and responsiveness (mobile), and SEO optimized using Lighthouse by Google.

Let me create something awesome for you!

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What my Clients Say

I have had many happy web development clients. Here is what a few of them have to say.

my Web Development Team

I am a one-man team. I call the shots that you direct my way. Communication is direct. You and me, with no middle-man in between. No outsourcing. All web development work done in the USA. Disclaimer: The design templates I use may have been created internationally.

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Richard Whitney

Web Developer

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Oli Dawg

The best dog ever!

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Me 1969


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My Mom ~1938

R.I.P. Mom


Projects Done


Happy Clients




Business Partners

My Hosting

Servers are maintained by me. Admin panel maintained by you.
Redundancy and separate database servers available upon request.
Price varies depending upon your needs. Weekly backups kept for one month.

Expanded plans available upon request.

Here are the single server plans available

$35 Per Month
Basic Shared
  • Good for most websites
  • 2 GB Disk Space
  • 4 GB Memory
  • 1 Database
  • 5 Email Addresses
    on shared external email server
  • 1 Domain
  • Unlimited Support
$115 Per Month
Dedicated Tier 1
  • 160 GB Disk Space
  • 8 GB Memory
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
    on external email server
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Support

Budget for the Best Web Development and/or API Development Service

I write API's for manufacturers and wholesalers that want to sell their products on retailers' websites.

Indicating your budget will help me to understand your needs
and give you the best service for any budget you indicate.

Basic: Includes design template and minor modifications. Use Basic Hosting. Can be a Single Page Application (SPA).
Moderate: Basic plus admin uploading of content, which would include displaying that content. Use Basic Hosting.
Advanced: Moderate plus user login/registration/user portal; other advanced features. Use Tier 2 Hosting.
Advanced Tier 3: Advanced plus e-commerce/shopping cart and/or content management system (CMS). Use Tier 2 Hosting.
Advanced Tier 2: Advanced Tier 3 plus redundancy/failover and other - let's discuss. Use Tier 1 Hosting.
Same as Advanced Tier 2, depending upon your needs.
Same as Advanced Tier 2, depending upon your needs.
Enterprise Development - the possibilities are endless.

After indicating your budget, Click here to fill out the Contact Me form.

About Me

I have been developing web apps since 1999.
The knowledge and web development experience I have attained over the years
makes me well suited to serve your needs, whatever they may be.
I enjoy carpentry and singing as much as I do developing web apps.
Here are a few pictures of the bar I just built in the dining room. (January 2022)

My Web/API Development Blog

Here you will find some articles, germain to web development, I have written, with attributions given for certain blocks of text in each article.

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JavaScript LIKE function

By Richard Whitney | October 30, 2023

Have you ever wanted a MySQL LIKE function...

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I am happy to announce the launch of...

blog image

I am happy to announce the launch of...

blog image

How do eCommerce retailers display merchandise on their respective websites...

blog image

I have recently discovered that none of my one client's details pages have ever been indexed...

blog image

If you have a wholesale business and you do not have an API that displays your products...

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