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Announcing Nafco Gems' new site

I am happy to announce the launch of the newest rendition Nafco Gems.

The last version was launched in 2017. There have been a total of 7 builds for Nafco Gems since 2000, when I built their first (static) site in Front Page and Flash. They have come a long way since then - and I along the way!

All of the renditions since 2000 have been database driven - dynamic - and in this latest version, interactive and feature-rich, with a company timeline starting in 1917 by Leon Naftule, who ran their first Bijouterie in Geneva, Switzerland. Read about it on the desktop or on your mobile device.

Nafco is a wholesale supplier of fine color gemstones to the gem and jewelry trade, selling mostly 'melee' - very small princess cut squares and diamond cut rounds in every color of the rainbow, including Amethyst to corundum specimens (Rubies - red, and Sapphires - every other color) to Zircon, which is often mistaken or confused with cubic zirconium, which is not a true Zircon.

Not in the trade?, let the fine folks at Nafco show you where you to buy jewelry made with their fine, colorful gems.

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